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A high-tech environment with top-notch facilities

Everything your business needs is right here. Because we understand the value your people place on excellent amenities.


You’ll find all the amenities of a city office here, plus more, both within the building and throughout the Campus

Meetings, parking, lab work, welcoming guests, delivering presentations, running errands, as well as enjoying lunch and dinner—everything down to organizing childcare at a daycare center is facilitated on the Campus. This miniature urban hub provides every amenity your company and staff could need. The campus’s comprehensive environment not only incentivizes your team to work on-site for collaboration but also supports a stimulating change of activity, enhancing overall productivity.

Sports and movement

Physical wellness supports mental agility. Take a break from your desk to exercise at the Campus Wellness Center or engage in outdoor activities within our Sport Forest. Challenge colleagues to a match of Padel or engage in brainstorming while on a guided Work Walk along the Campus’s designated trails.

Explore our facilities up close

Work and meet

From productive brainstorming sessions, lab research, events, to informal gatherings; you can rent spaces of all shapes and sizes on the Campus. For a few hours, a few days, or a few months.

Food and drinks

Grab a quick sandwich, enjoy a latte from the pop-up coffee bar, or savor a full Asian dinner. You’re never too far from a satisfying bite or refreshing drink.At the Campus, it’s not just about work.

International childcare

Located on the edge of the Campus is a daycare center for babies and toddlers. A mix of local and international children learn and grow in a familiar environment with a large discovery garden.

Health checks

How’s the health of your employees? Corporate Vitality offers health checks on the Campus.


What peace of mind it is to work here. You can park your car without worries, be seated in a well-secured building, and rely on a secure internet connection

A secure building

Your office is safeguarded by a digital access system. A hospitable lobby greets you, complete with a reception desk and badge-secured access gates.

A secure network

Your Wi-Fi network meets the highest security standards. Additionally, visitors can also use our public Wi-Fi.

Security on the Campus

The Campus is freely accessible and yet well-secured. With cameras and security personnel, we ensure that guests and employees always feel welcome here, and we watch over all people and their belongings.

What else you’ll find on the Campus

For all your daily needs, everything is conveniently located under one roof here: a supermarket for groceries, a bicycle repair shop, a hairstylist for perfect styling, a car rental company offering temporary transportation, an agency providing career opportunities for partners of internationals, and a company specializing in finding housing for international employees.

AI Innovation Center

The AI Innovation Center serves as a nurturing ground and catalyst for AI applications and projects, unifying and supporting the regional AI ecosystem. Housing a range of AI startups, the center is a hub for events, professional training, and services that propel AI initiatives forward. This center is a High Tech Campus Eindhoven initiative, co-established by leading tech companies Philips, Signify, NXP, and ASML.

Wherever you are on the Campus, everyone comes together at The Strip. The beating heart of High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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