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The expansion of the High Tech Campus Eindhoven signals the beginning of something new. Settle into an ecosystem that is fully equipped with all the necessary facilities for innovation


Lucis One signifies the inception of seven buildings, offering cutting-edge architecture for high-tech pioneers and featuring high-end facilities both within and surrounding the premises.

Boundless possibilities await for now and into the future, with scalable offices and electrical lab spaces that can be customized freely.

Lucis One, soaring 45 meters high with 11 floors, stands as one of the tallest buildings on the Campus. Flexibly dividable floor sections provide space for tailoring the available workspace to your needs, prepared for whatever changes may come.

A complete suite of facilities for pioneers

Lucis One is part of the sustainable expansion of High Tech Campus Eindhoven, offering spaces starting from approximately 500 m². Tenants can immerse themselves in a working environment designed for convenience and community. Whether it’s lunch, socializing, attending events, or exercising, all can be accomplished within a few minutes’ walk in the vibrant heart of the Campus: The Strip. This is all set against a backdrop where a gentle breeze rustles through the trees, enriching the pioneering spirit.

  • Building size

    11,500 m² GFA

  • Completion

    Fall 2024

  • Energy label


  • Sustainable building

    BREEAM enabled

Establish yourself in the smartest square kilometer in Europe

Smart professionals on this campus are perpetually creating smart inventions: software and sensors for autonomous vehicles, edible products from 3D printers, technologies for CO2 capture, chips designed for artificial intelligence, and an implant to treat chronic cluster headaches. This area leads the Netherlands in the number of patent applications. Our commitment to ongoing investment and innovation fuels our growth in both stature and acclaim.

A highly comfortable and sustainable building, nestled within the innovation ecosystem, where we tackle the challenges of the future

Technology dedicated to societal benefit

Turning technology into business is not the sole purpose of the Campus. Here, companies unite to pursue a higher goal: using and applying new technologies to tackle societal challenges, then introducing them successfully to the market. Innovation lays our groundwork for a sustainable future.

Start-ups x multinationals
This fusion of social commitment, technological innovation, and commerce is at the heart of the myriad partnerships on the Campus. Entrepreneurs and researchers, start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, multinationals, service providers, and educational institutions all synchronize their endeavors.

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Work. Learn. Network.

Events per year

The Campus offers more than just office and lab spaces. Consider our Conference Center, bustling with events that keep employees informed and inspired.

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